London James Boyce

— About The Book

Wonder London I Hate My Curly Hair is a vulnerable and heartwarming account of a little brown girl's insecurity with beauty and appearance. This book is based on the true story of young, African American actress and author, London James Boyce.

Every day she questions her beauty because her curly hair is different from her friends who all have long, straight, silky hair. She soon realizes that not only is her hair beautiful, but it is also one of her Superpowers!

Wonder London - Curly Hair


Actress, entertainer, author, model, and entrepreneur are just a few epithets possessed by the talented and ambitious London James Boyce. At only six years old, she is described as a “powerhouse” and “a force to be reckoned with.”

London is already making history as one of the world’s youngest ever African American authors to be published; and she is the first ever African American model to be featured on a product for Blue Bell Ice Cream. London can also be seen on the silver screen in the Lionsgate thriller “Antebellum” in which London plays the daughter of famed actress/entertainer Janelle Monáe.

Outside of entertainment, London has been in preparation for success. She is the co-owner of a vintage ice cream truck business, ‘Boyce Kid’s Cream Machine,’ that she owns and operates with her siblings. When she isn’t working, she is having fun dancing, singing, and playing video games.

Wonder London - Curly Hair